New kind of story!

I once knew someone whose mother drove his/her divorced father into alcoholism by emotional abuse, incessant calls, abusive language, and harassment. She did the same to her Child, while the alcoholic father also abused the Child in different and unimaginable ways.

Understandably, that Child grew up with a badly damaged personality, constant therapy since adolescence having yielded no results. Child is now passing on the abuse it received to whoever crosses its path. It is adamant to experience its own self by replicating its mother.
Like the mother, it is the kindest person to “unimportant” friends and acquaintances, dons amazingly misleading camouflage for the outside, but is a completely different and scheming person on the inside. I know of these, through the child’s stories of the mother and self.
It once resorted to anorexia to “shrink” itself to bare bones, to oppose and call attention to its suffering, and alleged sexual abuse by several. It continues to suffer, goes through depression, yearns for healing, but finds none.
Instead, it tortures the ones who have nothing to do with its suffering, revenge for what was done to it seemingly the only thing that feeds the insatiable hunger of a monster inside, longing for more and more drama. The Child views itself a victim irrespective of its agency.
The saddest part is, it fools itself into believing the invented narratives of its self and its distorted views of the world around itself. It cries for help by attacking people. Paints evil pictures of those once closest to it. Knows no scruple. It has not learned to trust.
It can’t love and has turned into a true narcissist, damaging those closest to it, shying away from no lie.
There will perhaps be more stories of this sort on here, call them perhaps stories of narcissistic abuse. I don’t know.