On exegesis, sort of!

I know, the title is a clickbait and will disappoint most. Still, those thinking that exegesis is a matter of highly theological speculation, reserved for those educated in the study of scripture, might be wrong. Exegesis hits when you expect it the least. The following text, for instance, is an excerpt from an e-mail that I received in May 2018. It questions the relationship between holy scripture, oaths, and truth:

I noticed that you recently made a random deposit into my bank account for £XXX. 
Please stop making arbitrary deposits, or I will ask the bank to block deposits from your account. 
Until [redacted] decides what is a fair amount of monthly [redacted] for you to pay for [redacted], these one-off pittances are inappropriate and obfuscating.

You may ask yourself how the above relates to sacred scripture. Well, I can’t tell you. At least not now and not here. Just this much: Nothing is sadder than watching pseudo-religious people pretend and mislead!

Note to myself: Be wittier, think faster, and remember the right thing at the right moment, or else they just bulldoze over you.