About me

I am a postdoctoral fellow and a lecturer at the Institute of Iranian Studies, Freie Universität Berlin. My main research interests include the study of ancient Iran, Zoroastrianism, particularly the late antique exegesis of the Avesta, and digital humanities. In Berlin, I teach a variety of courses, which you can find on my university profile.

My recently published book, Zoroastrian Scholasticism in Late Antiquity (2020), examines the Pahlavi translation of the Yasna Haptaŋhāiti as a text in its own right and investigates it within the wider Pahlavi literature, challenging the view that considers the study of the Zand an auxiliary science to Avestan studies. In a broad investigation of the MP literature I argue that Zoroastrian exegesis shares the common traits of Cabezón’s decontextualized scholasticism, a cross-cultural category abstracted from the Medieval European scholasticism. It is also proposed that the ritual fire’s development in Zoroastrian texts from their oldest layers through to the MP literature exemplifies correlative structures, which often emerge in manuscript traditions.

I obtained my PhD at SOAS in Study of Religions. Jointly with Agnès Lenepveu-Hot, my dissertation received the 2015 SIE award for an outstanding European Ph.D. thesis in Iranian Studies.

I have previously encoded D. MacKenzie’s ‘Concise Pahlavi Dictionary’ according to the guidelines of the ‘Text Encoding Initiative’ (TEI) and have recently developed and applied an encoding scheme for the encoding of a sample passage of the Avestan Yasna according to TEI for a pilot project at SOAS. These samples now appear on the TEI website.

For my publications, see my orcid.org page.