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A few years ago, I started a Twitter account (long gone), where I wished to tweet about new publications in Iranian Studies. The Twitter format, however, was not suitable, and I abandoned the idea. Unsatisfied with the search capabilities of Facebook, where information is difficult to retrieve (a black hole), I decided to put together a website, where I could announce publications and events relevant to Iranian Studies. So, I started a new iteration of my personal website at the end of 2013. The idea of a bibliographic blog caught on, and I received positive and encouraging feedback from my colleagues. In May 2015 I created Bibliographia Iranica, a predominantly bibliographic blog for Iranian Studies also known as BiblioIranica, and moved that feature out to the new website.

BiblioIranica, a collective effort, and its connected social media share and distribute information on recent publications and events in Iranian Studies, understanding the field in its broadest sense from antiquity through to late antiquity and the early Islamic era with occasional excursions into neighbouring disciplines, geographies and eras. There we use the Unified Style Sheet as a bibliographic format, which is in part promoted by the Linguistics Society of America.

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