کاش سرم را بردارم
و برای هفته ای در گنجه ای بگذارم و قفل کنم
در تاريکی يک گنجه خالی …
روی شانه هايم
جای سرم چناری بکارم
و برای هفته ای در سايه اش آرام گيرم …

ناظم حكمت


Zoroastrian spam

Few days ago, a friend received her first Zoroastrian spam mail. I found it interesting, so here it goes:

From: Dr. Agathangelos Eutropius II <>
Date: Tue, 15 May 2007 22:51:09 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Zorastrianism Greetings

Direccion: calle Brazil 10, 28025 Madrid
Date: 15th 05 2007
Our Ref: ZG/1007MA

Zorastrianism Greetings,

The Mithras Association with guidiance of Mit(h)ra, has this day the 15th 05 2007 has granted you the sum of US$ 830,000:00 only as a tribute for the Spinoff of Zorastrianism celebration (Celebration of Light). After series of secret deliberations by the Abrahadabra Forums, eight (8) people were selected from around the globe to be benefactors of the Spinoff of Zorastrianism celebration free light aid.


According to the Persian Wikipedia, I was one of the first advocates of FOSS in Iran. The little entry continues to claim that Chapar Shabdiz was the first Iranian company to base its commercial business plan on FOSS. It also mentions the FarsiKDE project, Shabdix GNU/Linux and!

Well FarsiKDE’s website expired long back and few days ago! expired too. I created! on April 20, 2001 and it expired on April 20, 2007.! was the first Iranian portal dedicated to FOSS and at a time, was very active. It’s gone now and with it FarsiKDE and Shabdix. We had a good time trying to create something that we believed could benefit Iran.


Old books

Yesterday I visited Ostad Lotfi. Once the meeting was over, I thought I should use the chance and take a walk around the University of Tehran. The book shops around the university are known for their access to rare books. Compared to some years ago, the area has changed drastically. There are so many people on the streets that you can barely walk straight. The streets around the Enqelab Square reminded me of India. A lot of the old book shops are gone and have been replaced with newer shops specialising in modern books or illegal copies of CDs.


Iran’s oldest street

این نوشته‌ی جالب رو در یک وب‌گاه گردشگری قزوین پیدا کردم:
قدیمی ترین خیابان ایران در قزوین می‌باشد. نام این خیابان سپه است که از مسجد جامع قزوین به کاخ عالیقاپو منتهی می‌شود.