Tomb of the Two Elamite Princesses

tomb-Elamite-princeseesShishegar, Arman. 2015. Tomb of the Two Elamite Princesses: of The House of King Shutur-Nahunte son of Indada, Neo-Elamite Period, Phase IIIB (Ca.585-539 B.C.), Tehran: pažuhešgāh-e sāzmān-e mirās̱e farhangi.

This book, published in persian, is an Archaeological report of a tomb excavated in the village of Jubaji,  south-east of Ramhormoz, on the eastern boundary of the province of Khuzestan, south-western Iran. In April 2007, during the digging of a water channel by Khuzestan Water and Power Authority, a subterranean Tombstone was discovered but unfortunately was almost entirely ruined. Later, an excavation team directed by Arman Shishegar was immediately dispatched to the site to carry out rescue excavation. The tomb was completely excavated in three months.
The tomb belongs to two Elamite Princesses from the house of a Neo-Elamite king: Shutur-Nahunte son of Indada.

šišegar, ārmān.1394š [2015]. āramgāh-e do bānuy-e ʿīlāmi az ḫāndān-e šutur nahunte, pesar-e indada (dore-ye ʿīlam-e no. marhale-ye 3b (ḥodud-e 585 tā 539 p.m) [Tomb of the Two Elamite Princesses: of The House of King Shutur-Nahunte son of Indada, Neo-Elamite Period, Phase IIIB (Ca.585-539 B.C.)]. Tehran: pažuhešgāh-e sāzmān-e mirās̱e farhangi.

In Original:

شیشه‌گر، آرمان. ۱۳۹۴. آرامگاه دو بانوی عیلامی از خاندان شاه شوتور نهونته، پسر ایندد. دورهٔ عیلام نو، مرحلهٔ ۳ ب (حدود ۵۸۵ تا ۵۳۹ پ. م). تهران: پژوهشگاه میراث فرهنگی.

Early equids at Susa

Potts, Daniel. 2014. On some early equids at Susa. In B. Cerasetti (ed.), ‘My life is like the summer rose’ Maurizio Tosi e l’Archeologia come modo di vivere. Papers in honour of Maurizio Tosi for his 70th birthday (BAR International Series 2690), 643–647. Oxford: Archaeopress.

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Tirazziš or Šīrāz

For this blog, 2014 comes to an end with a little write up by Henkelman on the great city of ŠĪrāz. The blog will resume on 05 January 2015, publishing Adam Benkato’s much anticipated second part on Sogdian. And I have some plans for this blog, which I hope to realise in 2015 with the help of my friends and colleagues.

Happy New Year!

Henkelman, Wouter. 2014. Tirazziš. In Reallexikon der Assyriologie 14(1/2). 59–60.

Communication in the Achaemenid Empire

The second international Summer School on Communication in the Achaemenid Empire: Achaemenid Elamite, Bisotun and the Persepolis Archive will be taking place at the Center for the Great Islamic Encyclopedia on 12–21 May 2014.

1. 4 days on Bisotun (1 day repetition of grammar, 3 days reading)
2. 4 days Persepolis Fortification Archive and Achaemenid culture
Every day 15–18 by Wouter Henkelman

3. 3 days Old Persian Inscription of Bisotun
13–15 by M. Jaafari-Dehaghi

Application deadline is May 5, 2014. For more Information please contact: Dr Jaafari-Dehaghi.