Roma in the Medieval Islamic World

Today we had Kristina Richardson, @krisrich, speak to us at the @invisible_east. She delivered a fascinating lecture based on her recent book, which has opened my eyes to a large set of theoretical questions to be asked in the study of ancient and late antique history of any geography.

My interest in the Roma/Gypsy/Ghurabāʾ cultures goes back to my encounters many years ago with the Narikuravar of Tamil Nadu. When Kristina’s book was published, I immediately thought of inviting her to the Invisible East. Her lecture was fascinating, particularly her work on the connection between the Ghurabāʾ and the print technology in Europe (ch. 6 & 7). I will read her book cover to cover when the paperback is out later this year, but have really enjoyed reading it so far and can highly recommend it to anyone interested in the subject.